Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mark's Gross Dinner

Mark always makes fun of me for cooking new, weird things all the time. He finds it unusual that everytime I cook something it contains new combinations of ingredients and that I keep making new things, instead of making the good, old, tried-and-perfected dish. Hence, everything I cook is bound to be "gross". Well, last night he made a "gross" dinner. It was delicious :)

For some unknown reason he decided to try and combine ingredients in a way he has never tried before. Moreover, he did that without following any recipe!
Basically it's whole wheat pasta with asparagus and other veggies, sauteed in olive oil. The veggies include fennel (mostly leaves -- the bulbs are still very small) and parsley from our garden. Also featured are tomatoes, olives, and lots of garlic.


5x5 said...

LOL. That looks all kinds of healthy. Was there any seasoning/sauce on it or were combining all the veggies enough?

Dorit said...

The olive oil was the only thing that combined the flavors. Oh, and salt, of course.