Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rice And Black Bean Cakes

What to do when you have leftover rice and 1/2 can of black beans that you need to use? Rice-and-black-bean-cakes of course!

I took the recipe for the cake from here, but modified it a bit:
  1. I doubled the recipe and got 6 medium sized cakes plus 1 gigantic one
  2. I used white rice, cause that's the leftovers I had
  3. I didn't have ground chipotle, so I put some chile and cayenne
  4. I didn't have chipotle in adobe sauce for the tofu sauce, so I put some jalapeno - it turned out pretty good!
  5. I topped it with some corn kernels mixed with salsa.
I think it came out quite tasty, and it wasn't too hard to make - probably would be even easier with a food processor :)

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