Sunday, December 14, 2008

Smile - I Made Cheese!

Paneer, to be exact. Second time is the charm, apparently! This time I added a bit of vinegar, as suggested here, and it turned out much better than my first attempt. Actually, it was STUPENDOUS! Yeah, I'm very proud of myself :)

This time the medium I made for it to flow in was also much better than the thick, chunky sweet potato curry I made last time. Indeed, Shahi Paneer, as the name suggests, is the perfect medium for my cheese!

It was somewhat spicy, so it's good I had a glass of lassi handy to put out the fire!

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Rebecca said...

I have all sorts of questions for you now. What did you use the previous time, lemon juice? I only tried making paneer once with lemon juice and felt like I probably didn't curdle it enough. Also, how did you drain the cheese? I'm trying to find something to use that isn't disposable.

Yay cheese!