Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The first thing I learned to cook when I became vegetarian was quiche. Last night I took it one step further and made it almost vegan. I found this recipe in this great blog. All the recipes there look so awesome (and they're super healthy), but I had to start somewhere, and these quiches looked like a good thing to start with, since I had some silken tofu leftover from the vegan mousse I attempted (very easy, by the way: just blending silken tofu with melted chocolate chips!).

I knew these were going to be yummy when I finished filling up the muffin cups. I started licking the bowl and then devoured all of its contents. This is such a great use for tahini!

I didn't make them completely vegan because I didn't have nutritional yeast - I used grated Parmesan instead.

I think I was too impatient, and took them out of the oven too early. They could probably use an extra minute or two. But I just couldn't wait to try them, since the batter tasted so good.
Even Mark liked them, and he doesn't like quiche. But of course, these are healthy, low-fat quiches.

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